The Iceberg Lamp™
The Iceberg Lamp™
The Iceberg Lamp™
The Iceberg Lamp™
The Iceberg Lamp™
The Iceberg Lamp™

The Iceberg Lamp™

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Experience tranquil relaxation with immersive sound and soothing fragrances

🔥 Boosts ambiance with 360° surround sound
💚 Invigorates senses with diffused aromatherapy
😎 Crafted with meticulous detail for aesthetics
🌚 Perfect for a serene night-time atmosphere

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" Great product! It's like my own little escape to the mountains with the soothing sound and calming scents. Set up was a breeze! "
Sarah S.

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Breathe in Calmness, Breathe out Stress 🌙

Our Alpine Nights Speaker adds the therapeutic power of aroma therapy to your intimate spaces, immersing your surroundings with scents that alleviate stress and foster relaxation.

Craving Better Sleep? 💤

A busy mind can make falling sleep an uphill battle. The soothing aromas combined with calming tunes help build a perfect ambiance for a tranquil slumber.

Need to Enhance Your Mood? 🤗

Audio-olfactory stimulation can greatly influence your mood. Our speaker, with its captivating aura, uplifts your spirit and stirs positivity.

Key Features

Night Light: Gracefully cast a serene ambiance reminiscent of the gentle Arctic glow.

Aroma Diffuser: Place 2-3 drops of your cherished essential oil onto the diffuser stone, infusing the room with a calming aura.

Bluetooth Speaker: With a one-button smooth connection, lose yourself in delicate, harmonious audio.

Decoration: Boasting a contemporary design, The Iceberg Lamp™ adds an aura of refined elegance to any environment.


Real people, Real reviews

"Never knew I needed this until now. My room feels so chill and the sleep timer function is awesome. 😎"

Ashley A.

Experience Alpine Nights now with our 30-day money-back guarantee!

Opt for tranquility now with the Alpine Nights Speaker. Dive into soothing soundscapes and relaxing fragrances right in your room. If you're not absolutely swept away, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. No risks, only relaxation.

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